Paul Ngo

Hello World.

I'm Paul Ngo, a UC Berkeley junior double majoring in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Bioengineering.

I enjoy working on mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science projects. I have a background in music, computer science, and robotics; photography and videography are my hobbies.

In middle school and high school, I participated in several volunteer groups and associations, including NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) and CSF (California Scholarship Federation). In particular, I gained a lot out of my time as a member of Music From Home, a student group which organized musical recitals for an elderly home in Davis. I was a part of the photography and media team during my time there.
In 2013, I joined my local FRC (First Robotics Competition) team, Team 1678: Citrus Circuits. In my years on the team, I grew to love this engineering family which I had found there. During my four years there, I gained experience with machine shop work and safety, electrical engineering skills, and began to self-learn coding languages (such as python). Team 1678 won the FRC world championships in 2015. I became the electrical subteam lead in 2016, and enjoyed passing on the passion of teamwork and creativity to fellow members of the team, through leadership and mentorship.

Color Control

Fall 2018

Color Control was a project which allowed us to control lights in the house through a webapp and Google Home. A group of UC Berkeley students wired LED lights using a transistor control circuit for control with Raspberry Pi, used Python to control LED lights with RGB channels using PWM and OS workarounds for more advanced functionalities, and implemented a Flask server to handle GET requests from Google Home with IFTTT Webhooks, and POST requests from an interactive webapp.


Summer 2018

BearMaps was developed for a computer science class at UC Berkeley. I developed a map rasterer using OpenStreetMaps to represent the city of Berkeley in a dynamic web app, used the same data to build a traversable graph, giving directions using the A* search algorithm, and used tries to autocomplete location searches, and k-d trees to search for nearest neighbor points.


Summer 2018

Gitlet, developed for a computer science course (COMPSCI 61B), is a version control system modeled off of GitHub. It has a majority of the features that GitHub does and operates via terminal commands. Gitlet was written in Java with two project partners at UC Berkeley.

Avalon AI

Fall 2018

Avalon AI is a python-based computer system that plays a social deception game, called Avalon. It stores data in a SQL database and uses heuristics to deduce character roles (which is an essential part of the game). It uses pygame as a UI for entering data about game actions and game state.

Dual Extrusion for Bioprinting

Fall 2018

"Dual Extrusion for Bioprinting" received a Jacobs Innovation Catalyst Spark Grant in the Fall of 2018. The goal of the project was to develop a modular dual extrusion head for bioprinting gels and cell materials. The head would be able to be mounted on a conventional 3D printer. Though still in progress, an initial prototype demonstrates two gels which can be extruded independently and in a controlled mix, while on the printer.

Board Games


I'm always ready for a game of Risk, Monopoly, Avalon, chess, or the like! I started playing chess in elementary school, and it has remained one of my hobbies. I'm always down for a game!



I love taking environmental photos with my DSLR.

Rainbow Six: Siege, Smash Ultimate


An FPS that I enjoy and a fun party game to play with friends.



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